Friday, January 23, 2015

Edit Images in Google Slides and Documents

Google Slides and Documents are awesome. With all the updates Google is always doing with these products they just keep getting better. One of these improvements is the ability to edit images. There are many options now that were not available before. Below are some easy steps to help you start editing your images in both Documents and Slides.

Edit Images in Google Slides & Documents

Insert an Image:
  1. Click “Insert”.

  1. Find where the image is located.

Edit an Image: (Make sure to click on the image first to bring up these tools.)
  1. Click the “Crop tool”.

  1. You can crop the image using the corners or sides to keep it a rectangle...or…

  1. Choose the shape you want to use. There are lots to pick from. Make sure the image fits in the outlines of the shape.


  1. Line Color: Click to add a border to you image.

  1. Line Weight: Click this tool and choose how thick you want the border.

  1. Line Style (style): Click this tool and choose style of line used in the border.

Reset Image:
  1. We all makes mistakes. If you click the Reset button your image will go back to it’s original format and you can start over. The ultimate in “undo”. Little 1 step errors can still be undone with the “Undo” arrow

Inserting and editing images in Documents and Sheets will add more appeal and effectiveness to your documents. Open a document or Slide and give these steps a try!

If you want these directions in a Document Click Here!