Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Adding Charts to Slides and Docs

In a world of data we are all using charts to show classroom data. Data charts have become as common as images in our documents and presentations. The issue has been when we made these charts (using spreadsheets or other tools) we inserted them into our document or presentation and they were treated much like an image. If the data changed in the spreadsheet we had to recopy and re-insert the chart into our document or presentation. Those days are now gone! You can now insert live charts that sync to a spreadsheet and will always be up to date! Follow the steps below to learn how.

Adding Charts to Google Documents and Slides

  1. The first step (and the one you probably already have done) is to create a spreadsheet and create your chart. The chart can be anywhere within the sheet (new tab, on existing tab, multiple charts, etc).
  2. Open either a Google Document or a Google Slide.
  3. Choose where you would like the chart inserted and put your cursor there.
  4. Click “Insert”, choose “Chart”, and click “From Sheets”.

  1. A Drive search box will come up. Locate the Sheet that contains the chart you want and select it.
  2. The next box will show any charts that are contained within that selected Sheet. Choose the chart you want inserted into your Document or Slide.
  1. Make sure the “Link to Spreadsheet” box is selected (this will allow it to sync) and click “Import”.

  1. Resize or relocate the chart as needed in your Document or Slide.
  2. If you edit the data in the spreadsheet and the chart changes, you will need to refresh your Document/Slide and click the “Update” button to make the chart update the new data.

You are all set!
Now you can keep up to date data charts working in Google Documents and Google Slides!

To see these steps in a Document, Click Here!