Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Add Audio in Google Slides

One of the options that has always been missing from Google Slides is the option to attach audio within a Slide. Now there is a Native-to-Slides way to have audio in your Slides! Can you hear the world rejoicing and cheering for joy? Follow the steps below and start making your presentations heard!

Add Audio to Drive:
  1. In order to add audio to your Google Slides, you first must upload your audio into your Google Drive. Make sure the clip you want to use is either an MP3 or WAV file. These are the only file types supported by Slides. Here are some great tools to record:
  2. There are many free file converters available online if you need to convert your audio files. Here are two that work: 

* I suggest creating a folder with all your audio and making the folder shared as “Anyone with the link can view”. Then all your audio for all your Slides is in one easy to manage location and will work with shared slide decks!

Insert Audio in Slides:

  1. Open a Google Slide deck.
  2. On any slide you want audio to play click “Insert” and choose “Audio”.
  3. Search for the audio clip from within your Drive.

  4. Once you select audio an audio icon will be placed on your slide. You can drag and move the player icon anywhere you want. Also, you can replace it with an image (or even a GIF).
  5. You can even remove it completely (in Audio Settings). You will need to set it to start playback “Automatically” in order to remove it while presenting.

  6. The options for the icon/image for the audio is the same as all images in Google Slides.  The size and color can be edited as well as adding Drop Shadow or Reflection.
  7. The audio sound level can be adjusted, as well as setting it to autoplay, loop, or stop on slide change.

Now, sit back and make your Google Slides heard by all!

If you want these steps in a document click HERE!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Quickly Share Text with Your Class

We all do it. We want our students to see a web link or basic text on the projector so we go to Drive, open a new Document, type up the text or web link, change the font to a larger size, and then project so the class can see it. But wait, there is an easier way!
Give Gzaas a try. It is super easy and quick!

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the text you want to appear on the screen and click “gzaas it”.

  3. Project this screen for your students to see!

Feel Like Getting Creative?:
  1. After you make your Gzaas change the style, edit the font, font color, background color or pattern, and explore text shadow!

Go wild and share quick text with your class!

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Download Your Google Content with Google Takeout

Students use their school Google Apps Accounts to produce a lot of great writing, presentations, and more. When they graduate or leave the district they might like to take that work with them. You can download your Google files for safe keeping. You can then upload these files to a personal Google Account later, turn them into Microsoft Office files, or upload contacts, calendars, and email to another Google account.

Download Your Content:
  1. Visit Google Takeout and login with your school Google Account.
  2. Select the Google Tools and Services you want to export your data and documents from and select the option to receive the file as a download via email (depending on the size of your Google account, this could take several hours).

  3. Click “Next Step” when done.

  4. Check your email. You will receive an email when the files are ready for download.

Unzip and Upload Your Content:
  1. Once the Google Takeout email arrives, use the links to download your archived data and documents.
  2. Download the archive (there may be more than one archive for large amounts of data) and save them to your personal computer, external hard drive, or other location.
  3. You can "unzip" the archives and then upload the data and documents to a new personal Google Account or use the files and document in Microsoft Office or other applications.

Things to consider:

  • Google Forms do not download.
  • Google Sites do not download.
  • These are downloaded as Microsoft Office files so some fonts and layout issues may arise.

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!

Transfer Your G Suite Content to Another Google Account

The end of the school year always brings on changes in staffing or High School students moving out of school your domain. In the past, G Suite users had to download all their content and then deal with transferring manually into another Google account if they wanted to keep their Google files. There is now a very easy way to transfer all your G Suite content into a personal (or another school) domain easily! The best part is that this just makes a new copy in the new account. The original account does not lose these files. Follow the steps below to move your G Suite content to a new account!

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right of your screen and click on “My Account”. Click on your profile icon in the top right of your screen and click on “My Account.
  2. In the center isTransfer Your Content”. Click on Start Transfer".

  3. Enter in the email address you wish to have content sent to and then click Send Code”.
  4. You will need to sign into the account you are sending content to and check for an email with a code. Click Get confirmation codeand copy the code and enter it in the original account. You will be prompted to select/unselect Drive and Gmail to transfer.
  5. Once you start the process you can leave the page you are on. Your account that is receiving the content will get two emails: The first one will state that “Your content is on its way”.
  6. When the transfer is completed you will receive a second one stating “Your content has arrived”.

Things to consider:
  • Google Forms do not transfer.
  • While this is running, you will see files appear and disappear in your main Google Drive folder. This is normal. Copies are being made and moved. Just let Transfer do its thing.
  • The first time I did this not all my files transferred. You may want to visually double check that all your files do make it over. If they don’t you can do these steps again.

If you want these steps in a document click HERE!