Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mail Merge in Canva

Using Mail Merge to create labels, certificates, documents, and emails is a huge timesaver for any teacher. Microsoft Word has it built in, Google uses an extension, and Canva has this option as well! Now you can make any of your awesome creations in Canva personalized with just a little work. Check out the following directions to start!

Create a Mail Merge in Canva:

  1. Create (or even better use a template) a certificate, document, or whatever you want as your template for your mail merge in Canva.

  2. Once you are ready click on the “Apps” icon on the left.

  1. Search for “Bulk Create”. Click on the app that shows up.

  1. Choose to enter your data manually or upload a file (whichever you wish). 

  1. I would use Upload a file so I can reuse the data set with other files. You just need to create a spreadsheet with column headers that define the data you want merged. My file has columns for First Name, Last Name, and Full Name so I have options in later merges. Then you just need to download this as a CSV file.

  1. All you need to do is right-click where you want the name (or other merge info) inserted and choose “Connect Data”. Then select the column of your data you want to insert.

  1. Click on “Continue”.

  1. You will see all the items that will be merged. Click “Generate xx designs” to see the merged file.

  1. Now you can print this and have a copy personalized for your needs! This merged file is also saved in your library for later use.

Click HERE to see a Video Walkthrough of all these steps!

Head to Canva and start making your awesome personalized creations!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!