Thursday, October 26, 2023

Ideogram AI Image Creator

It seems that every day there is a new AI image tool being created. Some of these are great and even free. One that is worth looking into is Ideogram. This tool will create an image from a text description. It is easy to use and FREE.

  • One thing to keep in mind, this is a public tool. Everything created is shared with everyone. That means that there could be some questionable images displayed. I would recommend that only teachers or older students use this tool, and not K-5 kiddos.

Create a Custom AI Image:

  1. Head over to

  2. Create an account (it is free and stores your creations for easy finding later).

  3. In the box at the top type in a description of what you want your image to be.

  1. Choose your image size and click “Generate”.

  1. It will take a few moments and your images will appear. 

  1. If you like one click on it and choose the version you want. Then click the download icon. If you want you can edit your description and try again or click “Remix”.

Nothing is perfect, and you will have some things that do not work out all the time (like some of the text in my images above) but you can just remix or try again until you get what you need. Give it a try!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

FigJam Intro

Looking for an awesome (and free) whiteboard tool? Even better, one that does everything, and is free? Did I mention FREE? FigJam will be replacing Google’s Jamboard in the upcoming year, and this is a good thing. Check it out and start creating!

How-To Doc HERE!

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Magic School AI Tools

AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere today. These tools can save you hours every week. One of the best ones for teachers is Create an account (free) and explore the 50 tools to make grade-level-based rubrics, lessons, summaries, text rewrites, quizzes, and so much more. Seriously, check this site out! 

AI Magic Tools:

Here is the list of tools available at…all for FREE!!!!

  1. YouTube Video Summarizer

  2. YouTube Video Question Generator

  3. Conceptual Understanding Generator

  4. Science Lab Generator

  5. Student Work Feedback

  6. Teacher Joke Generator

  7. Lesson Plan Generator

  8. Academic Content Generator

  9. Rubric Generator

  10. Math Story Word Problems 

  11. 5E Model Science Lesson Plan Generator

  12. Diagnostic Assessment Generator

  13. Team Builder/Ice Breaker

  14. Multiple Choice Quiz Generator - Text-Based

  15. Colleague Song Generator

  16. Coaches Sports Practice Generator

  17. Informational Text Generator

  18. Syllabus Generator

  19. Behavior Intervention Suggestion Generator

  20. Make It Relevant!

  21. Text Leveler Tool

  22. Data Table Analysis Generator

  23. E-mail Family Tool

  24. Three-Dimensional Science Assessment Generator

  25. Vocabulary List - Topic Based

  26. Class Newsletter Tool

  27. IEP Suggestion Generator

  28. Text Translator Tool

  29. Text Dependent Questions

  30. Reading Quiz Generator

  31. Common Misconception Generator

  32. Text Proofreading Tool

  33. Text Summarizer Tool

  34. Vocabulary-Based Text Generator

  35. E-mail Responder Tool

  36. Clear Directions

  37. Restorative Reflection Generator

  38. Multiple Explanations for Complex Concepts

  39. BIP Suggestion Generator

  40. Text Analysis Generator

  41. Vocabulary List - Text-Based

  42. Accommodation Suggestion Generator

  43. Assignment Scaffolding

  44. EOY Student Comments

  45. Exemplar & Non-Exemplar

  46. Text Scaffolding Tool

  47. Letter of Recommendation

  48. SAT Math Practice Test Generator

  49. SAT Reading Question Generator

  50. SAT Reading Practice Test Generator

Seriously…This will be your new Go-To Tool for all things!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Math Practice with 99Math

There are many Game-Based learning opportunities out there. Prodigy Math, Kahoot, Quizizz, Quizalize, Formative, and Socrative are a few examples and there are many more. They all offer similar playing ideas...making learning fun. A new one I came across is 99Math. This is a little different in that it is based on basic math facts/skills. It is similar to the others, but it is a little faster to get going. Teachers do not have to write questions or search for pre-made games. It is basically like playing “Around the World” as a class with the leaderboard aspect like other tools have. Simple, fast-paced, and fun. It is free and allows students to practice math facts in a competitive game style and still give teachers feedback on each student. Check it out!

Play a Game:

  1. Head over to

  2. Sign in as a Teacher and create your account. 

  3. You will have the option to import a class using Google Classroom. Use this option and add this year’s class.

  4. Once you have your account you will choose the type of facts you want your students to practice. 

  1. Next, you can choose the grade level you are working with.

  1. Now you can choose the type of problem (or other skill) you want your students to practice. You will see sample problems on the right side.

  1. Choose “Play Live” on the right.

  1. You can click the “Copy” icon on the top left and share the link with students with GoGuardian or Google Classroom (it gets them right onto the game without having to hassle with a code) or have them go to and enter the 6-digit code at the top right to join your game.

  1. Once you have 3 or more players you can start a game. Click on “Play with Class” and the game will begin.

  1. The students will see problems to solve on their screens. They click the answer and click the green arrow button to get the next problem. Correct answers have a celebration confetti, while incorrect ones are signaled as well.

  1. Teachers can see progress on their screens.

  1. When the 3 rounds are over they will see their ranking as well as be able to see any of their mistakes. 

  1. The teacher will see the overall ranking and overall accuracy.

  1. They will also be able to see all the students’ correct responses as well as their mistakes. 

  1. Clicking on “Reports” at the top will bring up individual student progress and which problems they missed.

Individual Practice:

  1. On the left side, choose a topic to practice and a strategy like you did for the group game.

  2. Click “More Option” below the regular gameplay button.

  1. Click on “Assign Individual Practice”.

  1. Customize to your preferred settings and click “Assign”.

  1. Choose either copy the link or assign it to Google Classroom.

99Math is a fun game to practice basic math facts. It does allow for a competitive nature to rise in kids so know that going in. Some kids do not have strong skills or feel insecure about their performance. Maybe allow them to choose a pre-selected (one known to you) username to hide their real name.

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!