Monday, March 11, 2024

Annotate Chrome Tabs

Have you ever wanted a screenshot of your Chrome browser tab with any of your annotations on it? You can with this cool extension. Once installed you can draw, type, highlight, and more on any screen and download this screen as an image. Check it out!

Annotate Tabs:

  1. Install this Chrome Extension: Page Marker 

  2. Once installed click on the extension. The box that pops up will show all your options.

  1. Choose a color.

  1. The icons/tools are as follows:

  Set the color for annotation

  Pen to draw



  Curser to go back to regular tap and not annotation mode

  Text to create a textbox

  Move items you have annotated

  Draw a line

  Download as an image

  Trash/delete all annotations

  Exit tool

  Change the size of the annotations you are adding

  1. To download click the download icon.

  1. To exit at any time (your creation is not saved) click the Exit symbol or click the extension icon again.

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!

Word Clouds Made Easy

I love word clouds. I used them often in my elementary classrooms and not just to make cool-looking images. I had students create a word cloud with every document they created to show the frequency of words: the more often a word is used the larger it appeared. This helped them with word choice and creating interesting writing. The downside was when we went to a 100% Chrome environment, sites like Wordle and Tagxedo no longer worked in Chrome. Have no fear… is to the rescue. This site allows you to create beautiful word clouds and do interactive things with them for FREE. Check out how to get started below.

Create Word Art:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter the text that you are using. 

  3. Click “Sift”. 

  1. You can explore the different output styles:

  • Cloud Styles

    • Style/direction/color of cloud

  • Sort Words

    • Sort words by these categories

  • Mark Words

    • Change color of specific words based on category

  1. When you are ready to save you will need to screenshot this cloud (bummer, but there is no way to download it).


Use the app called "Snip & Sketch" in Applications. Select an area of your screen to capture.

  • Check out the video below for more help.

  • You will be asked where to save the file.


  • 1: (Command+Shift+3) This captures the entire screen.

  • 2: (Command+Shift+4) This lets you capture a select area of your screen.

  • The screenshot will be saved to your desktop.


  • 1: (Ctrl + window switch key) This captures the entire screen.

  • 2: (Ctrl + Shift + window switch key) This lets you capture a select area of your screen.

  • 3: Click on Clock, then choose "Capture" and select your option.

  • The screenshot will be saved in your "Download" folder.

Get creating and use those Word Clouds to their potential!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!