Saturday, October 4, 2014

Google Teacher Academy #GTAATX

It is submitted! I have sent in my application for December's Google Teacher Academy (GTA) in Austin, Texas. This has been a goal of mine on many levels for a while. I applied last spring but was bummer to have gotten one of the thousands of notifications that I was not one of the fortunate few. I am really hopeful this round. I am a HUGE Google Apps user (both personal and professions), and work in a district that has gone 100% GAFE over the past few years. We are on the final steps of getting rid of the last lingering hold on GroupWise and we will finally only have our Gmail account. If selected, I will have a lot to bring back to my and teach my school district, especially as an Instructional Technology Coach. October 22nd is the notification date! 

What is the Google Teacher Academy?
This is a highly competitive learning opportunity for teachers to learn and collaborate to use Google tools. There are a few academies each year across the globe where 50 fortunate educators are selected to attend The GTA is an intensive 2 day professional development opportunity designed to learn new tools to innovate in the classroom, network with others, collaborate, and spread the Google Love.

How do I apply?
The application does require some work, as a highly competitive program should. Applicants need to fill in a detailed application form as well as submit a 1 minute (very tough to make that short) video highlighting...well..themselves! 

Why apply?
Why NOT?!?! This is an amazing opportunity for any teacher! Working in a small group of teachers with "the" Google trainers. This is heaven in the making! Also, participants gain more knowledge of Google and other tech tools, a group of peers to collaborate with, and the knowledge that they are in a select group of highly trained teachers.

So...for anyone else considering applying, the window is closing soon. You have until October 13th to get your application completed and sent in. Here is the site with more information and the link to the application: Apply Here  (Just don't take MY spot! Hehehe!)

Here is my Application Video:

Good Luck To All That Apply! 

And please keep your fingers crossed for me! Thanks! ;)
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