Saturday, July 30, 2016

Training for Google Apps

We all know how awesome Google Apps for Education really is: collaboration, free, web tools, free, syncing across multiple devices, free, accessible anywhere, free, unlimited storage, and did I mention FREE? Now that so many of us have tasted and enjoy the Google Kool-Aid we find ourselves wanting to learn more about the tools. We are all looking for tips and tricks, hidden features, better ways to use tools, and the most current updates to our favorite Google tools. If only there was a place to go to have videos, online tutorials, and interactive training. Wait...there is! Google has just acquired Synergyse, a training platform that is being integrated right into your already favorite Google tools. The best part is you do not have to go looking for helpful resources, they are attached to the Google tool you already have open! Install the Training for Google Apps Chrome Extension now and start learning to use Google tools to their fullest!

Training for Google Apps Chrome Extension

  1. Install the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store (click here).

  1. Allow the required permissions and refresh your Google Tools to have the icon placed in the top right corner.

  1. This icon will appear in Google Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Google+, and more! (Full list below)

  1. When in one of these Google tools, just click the icon in the top corner and a list of available resources will come up.

  1. Search for or click on the topic you wish to learn more about and a video will pop up and play.

  1. Many tutorials also have helpful “step by step” interactive tools that walk you through just what you want to do. They shade out areas, place call outs, and require you to click to continue. Also, the spoken text is also written in the box on the left.

  1. All your progress is saved and recorded so you know what you have worked on. There is a dashboard that you can visit to see what tools have been used as well.

  1. You can also search for helpful videos without being in the actual tool by visiting

Give it a try!

For these directions in a document, click Here!