Friday, March 20, 2020

Sharing Files in Google Drive

One of the best things about Google Drive is its sharing ability. We can share any file with anyone, even if they don’t have a Google account. It is quick and easy to do, but oftentimes simple mistakes are made and people outside your domain can not access a shared file because the wrong button was pressed. Make sure to share those files in the manner you mean. Check out the steps below to make sure you are sharing with parents (and others outside your domain) the correct way.

Sharing Files Outside Your Domain:
If you want anyone to see the file (like parents or others outside your domain) make sure to share a file with the correct settings: 
  • Don’t use “Get Sharable Link” as that only sets the sharing to District accounts (meaning the user must have the same domain email as you).
  • Make sure it is set as “Anyone with the Link” and “Can View” or your needed permission like “Can Edit” or “Can Comment”.

  1. Click the “Share” button then click on “Advanced”. If you are in drive, just right-click on the file you want to share and choose “Share”.

  1. Click on “Change”.

  1. Set to “Anyone with the link” and make sure to choose the permission you want.

  1. Copy the link (share this) and click “Done”.

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Video Calls with Google Meet

There are times that an email or even a phone call is not enough. Sometimes we just need to see those we are talking to and connect on a more personal level. This is where tools like Hangouts Meet come into play. Meet allows you to invite others to have a video call. All they need is a device (Computer/Chromebook with a web camera or a Phone/Tablet with the Meet app). We can see, hear, and even share our screens to show more details on what we are discussing. It is simple, free, and a great way to connect when you can’t be in the same room. Check out the steps below to connect with others!

Start a Video Call:
  1. Head over to
  2. Click “Join or start a meeting”.

  1. Name this meeting and click “Continue”.

  1. Click Join now”.

  1. You will get a screen that shows all the information you need to share to invite others. (The Meet link or the Meet name will get them in.)

Schedule a Video Call:
  1. Open up Google Calendar and create a new event.
  2. Name your event and click “More Options”.

  1. Add the time and click on “Video Conferencing”.

  1. Add guests to the meeting on the right and click “Save”. You can also just copy the link and share that with others.

All those invited will get an email to notify them, as well as the calendar event added to their Google Calendar. They just need to click the link in the email or in the calendar event to join the meeting. They can also join by now going to and they will see the Meet listed as an upcoming event on the day you scheduled it.

Invite Others:
You can do this in a few ways:
  1. After starting your video call you will get a screen that shows all the information you need to share
    1. A web link to share with others (send this in an email or post in LMS)
    2. A number to call if they are connecting with a phone (they will only have audio)
    3. The option at “Add people” to send invites to their email

  1. You can share any of this information with others. An easy way is to email the link (or post it in Google Classroom/ or your LMS) to others so they can join.
  2. You can also click the “People” icon in the top right corner to invite others.

Other Options:
There are other things you can do while in a call that makes this such an amazing tool.
  1. Mute your Mic and turn off the Video camera.

  1. Bring back the info to invite others.

  1. Turn on Closed Captioning (all your speech will be transcribed on the screen.

  1. Present your screen.
  • Click Present then “Your entire screen”.

  • Click the view you want then “Share”.

  • To stop sharing click “Stop sharing” at the bottom.

  1. See others in the video call.

  1. Text Chat with others.

  1. More options: (click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner for these)

Set Up Meet Through Google Classroom:
This is NEW! You can now set a Reusable Meet in Google Classroom!
  1. Click the gear in the top right.

  1. Go to “General” and click “Generate Meet Link”. 

  1. Click “Save” (As long as you leave the “Visible to Students” switch on it will show up in your Google Classroom Header and Classwork tab.

  1. Check out your new link!
Also in Classwork:

If you need to reset the link for any reason, just head back into settings and click the dropdown next to the Meet code and click “Reset”.

Reusable Meet with Nickname/Code:
  1. Just go to and start a new Meet and name it something (your last name works, but be careful as only one Meet with that name is used in our domain). 
  2. You can invite students to join with that nickname/code (send them an email telling them to go to and use your nickname/code). 
  3. Students just go to Meet, click "Use Meeting Code" to enter the Meet nickname/code you give them, and they join! 
  4. When you are done, close out of the Meet (make sure all students are out before you leave). Students can not get back into the meeting once you close the Meet as long as you were last. 
  5. If you want to do another meeting, all you have to do is go back to, click "Join or start Meeting", and type in the same nickname/code from the past meeting. Students can now get back in using that same Nickname/code. 
In other words, students can not join the nicknamed Meet if the Teacher does not go in first. Watch this video from Eric Curts for details: Nickname Meets with Students

Security Note: The teacher should be the LAST one to leave so this meeting is not left open with students un-monitored. 

Additional tool: Some extensions you can add to make Meet even better!

Need more help? Here are some awesome links:

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Math Practice with 99Math

There are many Game-Based learning opportunities out there. Prodigy Math, Kahoot, Quizizz, Quizalize, Formative, and Socrative are a few examples and there are many more. They all offer similar playing ideas...making learning fun. A new one I came across is 99Math. This is a little different in that it is based on basic math facts/skills. It is similar to the others, but it is a little faster to get going. Teachers do not have to write questions or search for pre-made games. It is basically like playing “Around the World” as a class with the leaderboard aspect like other tools have. Simple, fast-paced, and fun. It is free and allows students to practice math facts in a competitive game style and still give teachers feedback on how each student is doing. Check it out!

Play a Game:
  1. Head over to
  2. Sign in as a Teacher and create your account. 
  3. Once you have your account you will choose the type of facts you want your students to practice. 

  1. Choose the topic as well as the level of that topic. You will now have the chance to choose a “Live Game” or a “Class v. Class Game”. 

    • Live Game: Just your class
    • Class v. Class Game: Play just your class, then send your scores to the other class to see who wins

  1. You will get a screen with the game address ( and game code and the “Start Game” button (use this after all students have joined).

  1. Have your students go to the link, enter the code, and enter their name (I recommend using a “code name” so everyone feels more comfortable about their scores being seen). They then click “Join Game”.

  1. Student names will show up on the teacher screen. When they are all in click “Start Game”.

  1. Teachers will click the “Start Round” button to begin the round. 

  1. You students will enter the answers to basic math facts using their keyboard numbers or touching the screen/mouse use. They will play 3 rounds (the teacher will click “Next Round” to begin each round on their screen.

  1. When the 3 rounds are over they will see their ranking as well as be able to see any of their mistakes. 

  1. The teacher will see all the students’ correct responses as well as their mistakes. 

  1. Clicking on “See Mistakes” will bring up the missed problems for that student.

  1. These are also always available by clicking on “My Reports” at the top of the screen and seeing all past games.

99Math is a fun game to practice basic math facts. It does allow for competitive nature to rise in kids so know that going in. Some kids do not have strong skills or feel insecure about their performance. I would recommend that kids select a username that is not their own, but you as the teacher knows so the results. 

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!