Thursday, January 27, 2022

Create Your Own Wordle

Are you playing Wordle every day like almost 90% of the rest of the world? Do you wish you could create your OWN Wordles so you could use them in class with your students? You can!

Create Your Own Wordle:

  1. Head over to

  2. Type a word in the “Make Custom Wordle” box and click “Generate Link”.

  1. Click on “Copy Link”.

  1. Share that link out and have your students play!



Check out and start challenging your students!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Newsletters with Canva

Parent communication is important. Many teachers use weekly (or monthly) newsletters to keep parents informed. In the past, we used documents for this, but with more creative layouts Slides have been many teachers’ “go-to” tool. There is another option that is easy and shares extremely well. Canva has thousands of templates (including newsletters) to help you keep parents informed.

*Make sure you sign up for Canva for Education to get all the FREE upgrades!

Create a Newsletter:

  1. You can start from scratch if you want but it is easier to start in the Template Gallery. If there is one that you like you can start with an already created one. Remember, you can edit it to suit your needs and style. Find one with the basic layout you like. Just enter “Newsletter” in the top search bar. If you are looking to create anything you can search for any type of template. There are literally thousands of templates and starters to get you started and help you create something awesome!

  1. You can start with “Create a blank newsletter” to design your own from scratch or choose a template. Click on the one you want.

  1. Now you can edit to your heart’s content. Add Elements, Upload your images, search free Photos/Images, add Text, and more!

  1. Everything is click-and-drag and editable for color, size, and formatting. Explore and create!

  1. When you are ready to share this rename it by clicking on the title at the top and changing the name.

  1. Share it by clicking “Share”, then “Share the link to…” and change to “Share the link to view”. 

  1. Click on “Copy link” and share this with your parents in your normal sharing way (Remind, email, messaging, etc…).

These newsletters (or anything in Canva) can also be shared to collaborate. Instead of making it “Share a link to view” you can choose “Share a link to edit” and the person you send this link to can edit your creation. This is a great way to make collaborative projects!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!