Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Fun with Little Alchemy

Sometimes you just need to have a little bit of fun. If you are lucky, you can sneak a little learning in there as well. There is a website that can help with critical thinking and even some very basic science. Little Alchemy is a game of mixology! Players take natural items and mix them with others (water+soil creates mud). By combining 2 natural items more items are made and added to your inventory. Eventually, you can create bacteria, humans, dogs, planets, astronauts, aliens, and even philosophy! See what you can create starting with just a few natural elements!

Start Creating Items:

  1. Head over to

  2. I would suggest signing in so your progress will be saved. You don’t have to sign in to save your progress if you are on the same device and the cache is not cleared. Signing in makes sure to not lose your progress and allows you to access progress across multiple devices.

  1. Grab an item from the right and drag it to the workspace. Drag another on top of an item in your workspace to combine and hopefully create a new item. If a new item is created it will pop-up and let you know. Otherwise, you will have the 2 items in your workspace. You can have many items on this workspace. You can drag unused items back to your inventory list to make room on your workspace.

  1. If a new item is created it will show up and be added to your inventory.

  2. Sometimes, you can add the same items to each other. 

  1. Start playing and see what you can create! 

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep clearing your workspace with the “Clean Up” button for more space (all items are saved in the inventory list).

  • Once you have LOTS of items, use the “Search” feature in the top right to find items quickly.

  • Double click on an item in your workspace to duplicate it.

  • Don’t forget to combine items with themselves for other creations!

  • Think creatively: Time+Metal=Rust, or Metal+Human=Tool

  • When stuck, try the “Tips” on the left side (or click here).

The “Encyclopedia” on the left shows stats (and how many items are available).

If you want these directions as a Document click HERE!