Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Transfer Your GAFE Content to a Personal Gmail Account

The end of the school year always brings on changes in staffing or High School students moving out of school domain. In the past GAFE users had to download all their content and then deal with transferring manually into another Gmail account if they wanted to keep their Google files. There is now a very easy way to transfer all your GAFE content into a personal (or other school) domain easily! Follow the steps below to move your G Suite content to a new account!

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right of your screen and click on “My Account”.

  1. The center column is “Personal Info & Privacy”. Click on “Control your content”.
  2. You will be given 2 options:

Download your data:
(Create an archive with a copy of your data from Google products.)
By clicking this you will create an archived copy of your content (any content you want including every Google App or Tool available.

Transfer your content:
(Copy and transfer your emails and Google Drive files to another Google Account.)
By choosing this option you will be asked to choose a Gmail account to make a copy of your content and transfer that copy to the new Gmail account.

  1. Choose "Transfer Content" and click “Start Transfer”.
  2. Enter in the email address you wish to have content sent to and then click “Send Code”.

  1. You will need to sign into the account you are sending content to and check for an email with a code. Click “Get confirmation code” and copy the code and enter it in the original account. You will be prompted to select/unselect Drive and Gmail to transfer.
  2. Once you start the process you can leave the page you are on. Your account that is receiving the content will get two emails:
    • The first one will state that “Your content is on its way”.

    • When transfer is completed you will receive a second one stating “Your content has arrived”.

Things to consider:
  • Google Forms do not transfer.
  • Google Sites do not transfer
  • I have had mixed reviews (the first time I did this not all my files transferred). You may want to visually double check that all your files do make it over.

If you want these steps in a document, click Here!