Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Common Sense Media GoPro Winner!

We all want to be a winner, but I can honestly say I usually am not the one who gets the prizes. Well, that all changed a couple weeks ago. Last year I started using Common Sense Media's Digital Passport program with some of the 3rd - 5th graders at Ryan Intermediate (this year all students will be using this resource). I also applied to be a Common Sense Certified Educator: Digital Citizenship (which I was awarded...Whoot!). In doing this I saw that I was entered into a drawing for a GoPro camera. To be honest, these drawings never really mean much to me as I never (and when I say never...I really mean NEVER) win anything. Well...that has all changed. I received an email a couple weeks ago that I had in fact won. Me! A winner! What!?!?!? I had to read the email a few times to really let it sink in!

I was Shocked! I was Excited! I was a WINNER! 

So...what did I get? Here is the "unboxing" of my GoPro Hero3+ Silver!

Yep...Here is was at school...Just waiting for me!

Ooooooohhhh...New Toy!

Look at all the Goodies!

And the star attraction...My very own GoPro!

All the fun together!

Now the Fun Begins!
Once it was unboxed I took it to a few pools with my boys. Here are a couple pics and a video of our fun!

So, What is Next?
I can't wait to strap this thing to some students this year during the Ryan Rally (school's fund raiser), whole school assemblies, field trips, special class activities, and of course all the fun things at home. I can not say thank you enough to Common Sense Media and GoPro! You have turned this "Never a Winner" into a Winner!