Sunday, January 25, 2015

Waukegan Google n' More Conference

I just got back from a great Google Conference. It was held in Waukegan, Illinois. I have always had a special spot for any Google conferences (it must be all that GAFE Kool-aid I drink). This conference was no different...well...maybe a little. It was attended by 10 "DEN Family" members from this year's DENSI 2014 from all over the country (Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan). It is always fantastic to connect with these amazing educators in person (we always connect online between DENSI events). Below are my 2 presentations if you missed them or just want to check them out. Dig around on the linked sites and grab my resources. Happy Googling!

How much fun was Waukegan Google n' More? Here is my DEN Family hanging out after presenting all day. Laughing, hugging, and smiling! Fun had by all!

My Presentations: 
  • Feel free to look around, dig through my resources, and use what you want!
  • Collaboration with Google Sheets: 
    • Google Sheets can be used for more than just collecting and working with data. Google Sheets can be a fantastic and easy to use collaborative tool. This hands-on session will focus on some great real classroom uses for collaboration with Google Sheets such as Parent-Teacher Conference sign-up, student created vocabulary definitions, student generated book critiques, classroom party supply sign-up, student data collection/analysis, and other easy to setup and use collaborative Google Sheets. Come ready to see how Google Sheets can make your teaching life much easier!

  • Snagit and Share-It!: 
    • There are many tools for creating screen captures. Perhaps the easiest is TechSmith's Snagit for Chrome. After installing the extension and App in your Chrome browser the world of image and screen capture is open...all for FREE! In this session we will look at how to use Snagit to annotate images, create video screen captures, create animated GIFs, and how this integrates beautifully into Google Drive for sharing. This is perfect for the flipped classroom, image/GIF creation, or for sharing screen capture images or “How-To” videos.

Check out all the other presentations at Waukegan Google n' More Here!