Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Add an Image to Your Google Account

Maybe it is just me, but those empty blue circles where account images should be in Google products makes me sad. I want to see the account owner’s smiling face or personality while I collaborate with them. There is an easy way to make others smile: add an image to your account! It is very easy. Just follow these steps!

How to Add an Image to Your Google Account

  1. Log into your Google Account.
  2. For the next few directions I do not have screen shots as mine is already done.

Setup Google+:
  1. Go to www.google.com or any Google Product page.
  2. At the top right you will see your email address. To the left of that you will see the word “+You”. Click on that .

  1. Fill in the required information. You MUST be at least 13 years old to use Google+, so do not expect students to be able to do this. If they are not 13, their account will be deactivated.

  1. Now when you go back to any Google page, you will see your first name where “+You” was.

Insert Image:
  1. On any Google Product page, click the blue circle/image in the top right of your screen.

  1. The left square will have a banner on it that says “Change Photo”. Click this.

  1. You can now browse your computer and upload an image.
  2. Click “Set as Profile Photo”.

  1. You will now make others happy to see you!

If you would like these directions in a Document Click Here!