Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Evernote: Storing Student Data

Evernote is one of my all time favorite tools.  I used it for a long time just for personal things: clipping web sites (Chrome Extension), saving lists, saving notes, saving images, etc.  The greatest part of Evernote is that it is available EVERYWHERE!  As long as there is internet acces, all notes/notebooks are synced.  I use the web version when I am on someone else's computer, the desktop version on my own computer, the Android App on my phone, and the iPad App while at school.  It is am amazing program, not to mention it is FREE.  I found it most useful to collect/store student data while being a classroom teacher.  Here is how I used it:

  1. I created a Notebook named "Classroom" within Evernote.
  2. I created 1 note for each student in my class within that Notebook (I named the notes "Last name, First Name" so I could find them quickly)
  3. I used the template below to store important data on each student so I had it wherever I was (home, class, CAT Meetings, conferences with parents, phone calls, etc...)

School Email:
School Email Password:
Moodle Password:

9-4-13: Some meaningful observation that I might want documented
9-23-13:  More things

9-22-13: Struggled with whatever test on such a such concept

10-22-13: Something that does not fit in the other categories

Here is what it looks like in an actual Evernote screen. 

I know there are many uses for Evernote as a teacher.  Let me know how you use it if you have any great uses within the classroom!