Monday, July 22, 2013

Google+ Cheat and Keyboard Shortcut Sheet

Google+ is a great way to connect and communicate with other teachers. It is completely integrated with your Gmail account, but can be a little overwhelming to get use to using. Below is a great info-graphic I found (dated 2011, but still great information) from to help show all the cheats/keyboard shortcuts in Google+. The blog post is dated, but the shortcuts still work. Check them out!

The text below is from: 

Text formatting on your Posts
Google+ allows styling your post.You can make your post’s text,Bold,Italic orStrikethrough.
  • To make your text bold include it within an asterisk like this- *Technostreak* You will get as Technostreak
  • To make it Italic include the text within undescores like this- _Technostreak_ You will get as Technostreak
  • To strike through the text include it within hyphens like this- -Technostreak- You will get as Technostreak
Navigating through post Streams
On your Google+ home screen,Pressing the following keys would perform corresponding tasks.
  • J – Scroll to next post on stream
  • K – Scroll to previous post on stream.
  • Space Bar- Scroll down stream.
  • Shift + Space Bar- Scroll up stream.
  • Pressing Enter on a stream – Comment
  • After typing comment, Tab and then Enter - Post comment
  • Q - Go to Chat.
Mentioning others on comments and Posts
You can mention others in comments or posts by using + or @ before their name.
Permalink of the post Like on the Facebook,the time stamp acts as the permalink for any post on Google+.
The Profile picture If a person has more than one profile picture,Clicking on the Profile picture will rotate them.This is a unique feature on Google+
The chat box The chat box can be resized on Google+.Just place your cursor on the sides or edge of the chat box and it turns into a resizing pointer.Just click and drag to change the size to fit your need.
Private conversations To have private conversations make a post and share it with only specific people you want and disable Resharing the post.By this way the post will be visible only to the persons you selected and only the could comment.
Sharing Media sharing Photos,Videos,Links are much easier on Google+.Just Drag and drop them in the Post box to share.
Edit Photos You can edit the phootos uploaded by you using the Google+’s default photo editor.You can choose to edit a phito by clicking on Edit Photounder Actions menu.
Moving through photos on an Album You can move through the photos of an album with your Scroll wheel on the mouse.This would be simple and easy.
Public +1 Tab If ever you have +1 ‘d a link on the web, you could see the +1 tab on your profile.It is private by default.To make it Public, go to the tab and make a tick on the check box labeled Show this tab on my profile.
Mute a post If a post annoys you by reminding of comments on it, Click the Down arrow against the post which shows you a Drop down menu.ChooseMute this post and you will not be notified about the follow ups in future.
Sharing Details Next to the Time stamp on a post is the Sharing Details.If it shows Public then everyone could see it.If it says Limited, the clicking on it shows the individuals who can see it.

The infographic below from:

Google+ Plus Cheet Sheet