Monday, July 29, 2013

Prezi: A Great Online Presentation Tool

We all love great presentation tools. PowerPoint was the only option for a long time, but there are many now. With so many other presentation tools available, which one should you use? I like Prezi for certain presentations. It is a great tool to hold students interest as it can be animated and even have a 3D look. It is more interactive (the viewer can control the flow if you set it up that way) and it is web-based so it is accessible anywhere! There are great templates to use and it is easy to begin, and sharing presentations is a snap! You will need an account so head over to to get started!

(All text below comes from the Prezi Site.)

Collaboration made easy

Prezi simplifies the collaboration process. Brainstorm and co-create with 
your team in the same prezi. Work separately or in real time so you can see others' edits instantly.

One version, no confusion
Prezi reduces the clutter of multiple emails and multiple versions. All co-editors make their changes to the same prezi. Working together in one shared space simplifies the creative

Co-create Online
You don't have to be in the same room — or even the same time 
zone — to be on the same page. Work separately on your own time, 
or together in real time.

Present Remotely
After you co-create your presentation, present it as well. Invite your audience to join the presentation, seamlessly handing over the presentation lead to anyone, anywhere.

Prezi is our go-to tool for sharing complex data with clients. Multiple analysts can put together a data set in real time."
Isaiah McPeak, Analyst/presenter at
"Prezi is our favorite tool for working on cross-department topics and team-related tasks: roadmaps, project, planning, and presentations."
Joanna Funck, Teamleader at GENERATIONDESIGN ®
"Prezi helps my students work simultaneously, both in the classroom and from home in real time and the results have been phenomenal."
Jeremy Ridgeo, Teacher at North Fort Myers High School