Thursday, July 25, 2013

Printing on Post-Its

Here is the answer to every teachers' prayers. We all use Post-its. They are everywhere in or lives: on our desk, computer monitor, books, lesson plans, stacks of papers to grade, dash of our car...everywhere! I know if you are like me you get tired of writing the same thing on Post-its you use all the time. Wouldn't be nice if they come pre-printed with what you wanted on them? Sure, you can go to Vistaprint or other companies and get a set made, but that is time and money. Here is the easy solution. Print them yourself! Download the templates below, rip into a stack of Post-its, stick them on the paper in the square, open the doc on your computer, and type away! Really...why didn't I think of this years ago. It took stumbling on it on the internet to see how easy it can be!

Ideas for printing:
  1. Common notes to kids that require just a small edit
  2. Notes for student work (scores, writing prompts, edit ideas...)
  3. Lesson plan changes/ideas
  4. Student names to put on project, supplies, etc
  5. Group names for class groups
  6. Normal format note you write often to yourself or others
  7. Anything you write often. Just leave parts blank to fill in if needed.

Download these templates and get creating!

3 X 3 Post It Template

2 X 1.5 Post It Template