Thursday, September 12, 2013

StrataLogica: A Classroom Map App

I love Google Earth. I really do! I use it so much in my personal life as well as within the classroom. It is a great tool, but it lacks some educational "kick". This is where StrataLogica comes in! It does all the cool things Google Earth does (spin, zoom, etc...), but it does even more. This app goes where Google Maps leaves off. You can tap on locations and get data. You can create points of interetst (like Gogle Earth). You can create maps, access shared maps, and more. Download it and check out what you can do! 

iTunes Description:
Introducing StrataLogica® for the iPad, where the learning is in the layers. Known to countless teachers and students for providing a revolutionary educational experience, StrataLogica comes to life in an exciting new way in version 2.0 of our app. Learning about our world with a tap or pinch of your fingers has never been more engaging and fun! 

The new version brings powerful features for creating content, collaborating and sharing from the desktop experience to the iPad. 
• Use our new tools—marker, symbols, text labels and pushpins—to add your own content onto geography, history and earth science layers. 
• Logged-in users can save and share custom views or presentations with school or district students or colleagues. 
• Logged-in users can share content with anyone in the world via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. 
• Logged-in teachers can initiate dynamic collaborative projects with students. 
• Licensed users can now access e-book atlases and related student activities. 

More than just a geography reference tool, StrataLogica delivers a one-of-a-kind educational experience. Even if you don’t have a school account for StrataLogica, you can experience a sampling of our interactive layers for free. And coming soon—downloadable content packs. 

Don’t forget to share what you create to the StrataLogica Community! You just might share with someone halfway around the world. 

Bring interactive learning about our world to your iPad—try StrataLogica today.