Sunday, September 1, 2013

Google Chrome: Pin Most Used Tabs

Ok. I'll say it. I'm addicted to Chrome! Not the color, the browser. Whew...I'm feeling much better now! But really, who doesn't like Google Chrome? It's fast. It syncs better than any other browser out there. It allows multiple log ins. The list continues. In this post I will show something that I just learned (thank you @GoogleChrome). My newest love is pinning my favorite tabs. I know, this does not sound too amazingly new, but there is a bonus to this. When you pin a tab in Google Chrome it not only locks it in so every time you turn on the browser it is there, but it also makes it WAY thinner so it takes less room. By pinning the tab, the text next to the icon is removed. Now I can have even MORE tabs open! Google never seems to stop amazing me! 

So...How does one do this amazing feat?

  1. Open Google Chrome and open the pages you want to pin.
  2. Right click on the tab you want pinned.
  3. Click "Pin Tab".
  4. Done!

Below is an image of what pinned tabs look like:

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