Monday, September 2, 2013

Google Chrome: Multiple Log Ins

Ok. I'll say it again. I'm addicted to Chrome! Not the color, the browser. Whew...I'm feeling much better now! But really, who doesn't like Google Chrome? It's fast. It syncs better than any other browser out there. It allows pinning of tabs. The list continues. In this post I will show my favorite trick in Google Chrome: Multiple Log Ins! So...Why have multiple Users/Log Ins? I use Chrome exclusively  but I have a few accounts. I hate logging out of one email to check another account. Chrome has a way to work around this. It allows syncing of multiple accounts into different "browsers". I have 1 for school stuff (Logged in with my Google Apps account) and 1 for personal stuff (logged in with my personal Gmail account). This allows me to keep my life separated  When I click a shortcut to Gmail/Twitter/Google Keep/ect on my personal log in, I see personal email/Tweets/Google Keep/ect. Also, I can have 2 Google Chrome browsers open at the same time so I can do personal AND work tasks at the same time. It also allows different themes for each account. I make sure that all my accounts have very different themes so just by looking at the header I know which account I am in. There is nothing more embarrassing then "tweeting" on the wrong account! The videos below help explain this better. 

Here is "why" to have multiple log ins/accounts.

Here is how to set multiple accounts up!

More information form Google Chrome here: