Friday, May 31, 2013

WeWantApps: The Free-Be App List

WeWantApps is an iPad app available for download from the Apple App Store. This is a great tool for easily filtering through the App Store to find the perfect app for what you need. First, go to the App Store on your teacher iPad. Search for WeWantApps! in the store. It will look like the image below. Install the app. When you open it, you will need to create an account. I have never been asked to log back in again, but you need an account to run the app.

Once it opens you can begin your search.

Category:  choose the type of app you are seeking.

Age:  select the age (or more than one age) that you are searching to use an app with. 

Language:  choose the language you want the app to be written in.

Platform:  you can use both iPad and iPhone.

Price:  select free.
When you do the search, on the right you will see all the apps that fall under your filtering.  At the bottom there will often be “More…” to tap on.  This will load more found apps.

Download WeWantApps! from the App Store to get started.