Friday, May 24, 2013

DROPitTOme: A Great Way to Collect Student Work!

DROPitTOme is perhaps one one the slickest add-ons to Dropbox that I use.  It is a great tool for collecting student work, parent images, or peer documents out there.  There are a couple of steps you need to set up before you can begin using this great collection tool.

What Is DROPitTOme?
This is an add-on to your excising Dropbox account that will allow you to have others "Drop" files to you.  Instead of all those emails with attachment  your students/parents/teachers can go to your personal DROPitTOme web link, browse for the file they want to send you, and upload it. It will then sync with your Dropbox account and be an all devices using that account.  Email...without the email!  There are only 2 things those others need to know.

  1. Your DROPitTOme address
  2. Your DROPitTOme upload password.

Collecting files form others just got easier!  Go to to begin.  You must first have a Dropbox account to link this to.