Monday, May 27, 2013

Tech Tip: Educreations

Tech Tips
Issue 23

This Tech Tip will look into a great record-able white board tool.  Educreationsis a great way to record lessons, re-teach concepts, and have students create student-made assessments.

What is Educreations?
Educreations is an iPad app that turns your iPad into a record-able whiteboard. This app allows for whiteboard drawing with recorded audio to help explain concepts and ideas. You (or students) can easily create a tutorial video to explain a math concept, a science term, an artistic movement, or anything you can draw and talk about. It is easy to use and a great re-teaching tool for both teachers and students. 

What can Educreations Do?
·      Help students with homework by working through example problems.
·      Record and replay your voice, writing, and drawings.
·      Add text and photos from the iPad camera, Photo Albums, Dropbox or the Web.
·      Share your lessons with teachers, students, and parents.
·      View already created Educreations content from others.
·      Embed your video lessons on your blog or website.
·      Allow students to create videos explaining concepts to be used as assessments.
·      Collect student sample work in your teacher course.

As a teacher, this is a great re-teaching tool as well as a student assessment tool. Teachers can have students log into their Educreations account and create a short video of them solving a math problem.  Teachers can then see student actions on the screen and hear them talk the problem out. When teachers have students enroll in a "course" all their videos are available to the teacher to view from any computer for review or assessment. Educreations is Free and a great classroom tool. Download it from the iTunes App Store and get "Edu-"creating!

Create an account and get started: