Friday, April 8, 2022

Supercharge Google Classroom with Schoolytics

There is no doubt Google Classroom is awesome. Just the ease of creating, sharing, and assigning Drive files to students is worth the setup. There is an add-on (yep, it is even FREE) that will add superpowers to your Classroom. With Schoolytics you can see all your students’ data in one place, drill-down and see all the data on individual students, create Progress Reports, track assignments, manage missing work, create student groups, quickly search for previous assignments to reuse, and much more…and Schoolytics can do all this for 1 student, 1 Classroom, or even ALL your students or ALL your Classrooms! It is a “one-stop-shop” for all your Google Classroom needs! Check it out, it is FREE (the free version allows teachers to manage up to 10 Classrooms at a time…more than enough for any teacher).

Get Logged In:

  1. Head over to

  2. Click the “Login” button on the top right.

  1. Choose “Teachers” from the list of roles.

  1. Allow the permissions.

  2. Select the Google Classrooms you would like to be able to collect, track, and use data from (you can add/remove any of these Classrooms at any time). You can even include previously achieved Classrooms if you wish, just keep the list to 10 or fewer Classrooms for free.

Using the Filters:

  1. At the top of the page are always the filters to control what data you are viewing.

  • Period: choose overall time frame are you want to view

  • Dates: choose specific dates to see data from

  • Groups: set up custom groups of students to track

  • Class Name: choose Classrooms do you want to view data from

Progress Reports:

This might be the coolest part. You can create Progress Reports (as a PDF or an editable and shareable Google Document). These are really cool!

  1. On the Home page click on “Progress Report”.

  1. Adjust the filters to what you want to view data.

  1. If you want Progress Reports for the whole class click “Bulk Progress Report”. If you want it on just one student click the icon to the left of their name.

  • Whole Class:

    • Click “Generate Google Docs”. (You can also unselect any student to not run a report.)

  • Individual Student:

    • You can click “Email Student” to send an email to this student or “Progress Report” to create a report.

  • You have the option to create a PDF or an editable Google Document of this report.

  1. You will find your created Progress Reports in your Drive.

Overall Student Performance (At a Glance):

  1. Click on “Dashboard” on the left and adjust the filters to show data for your desired Classrooms and dates.

  1. You will see data on:

  • Assignment Completion 

  • On Time Assignments 

  • Points Average 

  • Assignments Graded 

  • Assignments Completed per Day 

  • Specific data on included Classrooms 

  1. By clicking on the 3 dots to the right of any of these you can save to Drive, as a CSV, or a PDF.

Other Features/Reports:

There are other features available as well.

  1. Take a look at the left side and you will see other Reports, Tables, and Insights that are available.

Reusing Assignments:

Even though you can reuse assignments within Google Classroom, there is no way to easily search and find them. With Shoolytics you can search by assignment name from any connected Classroom!

  1. On the top click on “Library” or on the far left bottom click “Content Library”. 

  1. Click on the left side to choose where your assignments are located, usually “All My Assignments”.

  • My Schoolytics Workspace: paid version and will be District shared assignments

  • All My Assignments: listing of all the assignments you have from your included Classrooms

  • Co-Teachers’ Assignments: assignments from Co-Teaching Classrooms

  • Public Assignments: other Schoolytics teachers who share their assignments

  1. Use the Search box to easily find your past assignments from your own Classrooms. 

  1. If you are in the Public Assignments, there are filters to sort by Subject, Grade Level, Source, Topic, Competency, and Activity Type.

Communication Tools are Coming Soon! 

Head over to Schoolytics and start digging into your Google Classroom Data!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!