Monday, April 18, 2022

New Gmail Layout

Google is at it again. They have updated the Gmail layout. If you are not seeing this update, it might be because (like me) you had your “Chat” position set to “Right side of the inbox”. Follow the steps below to see the new layout. You can (for now) always go back to the old layout. I am not sure when Google will force the new layout as default.

Enable New Layout:

  1. If your Gmail does not look like the image above, you are on the old layout. Start by clicking the gear in the top left.

  1. Click on “See all settings”.

  1. Click on “Chat and Meet”.

  1. In the “Chat position” option select “Left side of inbox” and click “Save changes” at the bottom.

  1. When you reload the inbox it will show the new Layout. 

Navigating Menu:

All the Google communication tools are now in your Gmail Inbox (like they are on the Mobile Versions on Android and iOS. You can view:

  • Mail: See your inbox and Labels.

  • Chat: View messaging

  • Spaces: See the groups that you are a part of withing Chat

  • Meet: See, Join, or Create your Meet video calls

Head over to your Gmail inbox and explore the new layout.


Note: You can always go back to the old layout by clicking on the gear in the top right and choosing “Go back to the original Gmail view”.

If you want these directions in a DOcument click HERE!