Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Compose & Send Email from a Google Document

Gmail is the “go-to” tool for sending emails, but did you know that you can send an email directly from a Google Document? It is easy and a great way to keep a copy of all those emails in your Drive if you have the need. All you need is a blank Document and something to say. Check out the steps below to get started.

Send Email from a Google Doc:

  1. Open a new Document.

  2. Click “File”, then “Email”, and then “Email draft”.

  1. In the “To” box enter the email you are sending the email to. You can also type “@” and Docs will search your Domain or personal Contacts. 

  1. Fill in the Subject line and compose your email. If you have an email set up in Gmail leave your signature off. If you do not have it set up in Gmail type it in below your message. 

  1. Click the blue Gmail logo to the left.

  1. A Gmail pop-up will open with your composed email. If you have a set signature click the pen icon at the bottom right to select which signature you want to use (Doc on how to set up Multiple Gmail Signatures). If you do not have a Gmail signature set up just type it in your message like normal. Click “Send”.

  1. That is it! Your message is sent.

To see all these steps in a video walk-through click HERE!


If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!