Monday, May 2, 2022

Fun Learning with Crowd Buzzer

Everyone loves the game show Jeopardy. There is just something about the Trivia Style games that draws many in. I used to have the full-fledged Jeopardy gaming system in my classroom that I used for review and fun learning experiences. That system cost me tens of thousands of “Scholastic Points” (every teacher knows how hard we work to save those up!). I found this great (oh, and FREE!) tool that can make reviewing “similar” to Jeopardy for FREE! You will not have the cool point board or animations, but you will get as many “buzzers” as you need and a way to track what order they were pressed. Check out Crowd Buzzer to see if this buzzer tool will work for you!

Create a Game:

  1. Head over to to create a game.

  2. You will be asked to create a game name. Choose something that identifies your game. Click “Begin”.

  1. Record the code in the top left corner.

  1. Divide your class into teams or they can play individually, depending on your objective of the game. You can have each student have their own device or have the whole team share one device. Have them go to

  1. Have them enter your code from your screen and click “Join”.

  1. Next, you will have them enter in their Team name. If they are sharing one device they can just enter the Team name where it asks for their name. If each member of the team has their own device they can put in their name and the Team name. This will all depend on how you want to run the game.

  1. They will get the buzzer in the center of their screen with the word “Ready” displayed. 

  1. On your screen, turn the buzzers on. 

  1. Student buzzer buttons will turn red with the word “Buzz” on them. Ask your question and have the students click the button when they know the answer. It will turn green when they buzz in.

  1. Your screen will show the order these buttons were buzzed in! You can use this to prioritize who gets points, rang in first, or whatever your game setup requires!

To see all of this in action in a video click HERE!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE