Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Google Docs Smart Chips

Google released Smart Chips in their Documents. This feature allows you to embed content into a document with a simple click. There are some amazing shortcuts and features in Smart Chips that will take your Documents to a new level! Check out what you can do with Smart Chips below!

Access Smart Chips:

  1. Withing any document enter the “@” character. A menu will pop up.

  2. Scroll through the pop-up and choose the feature you want to use.

Smart Chips Features:

There is a lot you can do with these chips. Here are some of the features available (some will change as updates get pushed out).

  • The “People” section allows you to tag others in your Document for notifications.

  • The “Building Blocks” section creates templates within your Document.

  • The “Files” section inserts hyperlinks to Drive Files.

  • The “Lists” section created lists in your Document. 

  • The “Media” section inserts Images, Drawings, and Charts.

  • The “Date” section inserts linked calendar dates or events.

  • The “Headings” section changed your page layout.

  • The “Page Components” section adds features to your Document.

  • The “Tables” section inserts table features.

  • The “More” section has additional features.

  • Special Note: The “Dropdown” feature is customizable to do anything. It is pretty cool!

You may notice some of these features are already available in the dropdowns at the top of Documents. Smart Chips are an easier way to get to some of these often-used features. Also, these Chips are always updating and improving so they may look different in your account.

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!