Sunday, February 16, 2014

Password Protect Google Forms

I know that Google Forms is a lifesaver for a classroom teacher. Forget grading all those pesky multiple choice, short answer, or matching quizzes. With Google Forms and the Flubaroo script they are graded for you. The do I post a link to these assessments and not have someone from 3 states away find it and take it, messing up my data? Hold on! Now there is a way to stop this! I know, now I have your attention! This is not the "end all" for password protecting, but it is a simple and effective way to do it. This will help keep those you don't want in your forms out. Check out the steps below and watch the screencast to see how this can be done.

Steps to Password Protect Google Forms Submissions:

  1. Create a new form (or edit an existing one)
  2. Add a question named "Password" as a text answer (first question)
  3. Click "Data Validation"
  4. Choose "Regular Expression" in first dropbox
  5. Choose "Matches" in second dropbox
  6. Enter your chosen password in third box with ^ at start and $ at end Example: ^password$
  7. Enter error text (what they will see if wrong password is entered) in fourth box
  8. Make this a required question.
  9. Click "Add Item" and choose "Page Break"
  10. Now continue with your form as you wish.

This works well and will help keep your data based on responders you really want accessing your forms. 

Need to see it in action? Check out the video below: