Saturday, February 15, 2014

Class Badges: Online Rewards for Students

Admit it. We all like them. Badges! They are everywhere: on papers, shirts, folders, cars, and even online. Class Badges let you make student account to store earned badges for any teacher created even, assignment, action. Best of all, it costs nothing to create and send these inspiring trinkets to your students. Creating an awesome multi-paragraph writing sample and need to encourage them as they work? Create a badge for each paragraph rewarding success in that paragraph's purpose. When a student achieves the expected outcome, reward them the badge! Kids love it (and admit it, so do adults...I can't tell you how gratifying it is seeing all the badges I earn in a Moodle course...).   

So...what type of Class Badges could you use?
  • Completing a task 
  • Reaching a goal 
  • Reward for achievement 
  • Reward for behavior 
  • The possibilities are endless! 

The best part (aside from being free) is that once a badge is created, you can keep them for later. Each year you add your new class into your roster and start rewarding. All they have to do is log into their account and view earned badges. 

Class Badges is easy to use, and everyone loves getting rewards. These are like “virtual” stickers (and the sticky part never loses tack)!

Here is a sample of some class badges I made:

Log into and start rewarding!