Friday, October 25, 2013

Text and Voice Comments in Google Drive

One of the best attributes of Google Drive is the collaboration that can take place. Sharing and editing of work makes student work even better. This allows new editors to help the author. Within documents in Google Drive there is a great tool for commenting. When allowed, readers (or teachers) can send the author comments about the piece of writing. This can be a note of encouragement, suggestions for improvement, or general comments. From a teacher stand point  this is where we would grab the red pen and scribe to the student on their printed paper. Now, the student sees the comments and can edit/change the actual publication to improve it. This is easy to do with the built in comments feature, but there is also an add-on that kicks it up a notch. Now voice comments can be added. What does this mean? Instead of just typing text in for comments, teachers (or collaborators) can leave voice messages attached to sections of the document! This is incredibly easy and very productive. Check out my video and Google Presentation below and give it a shot!