Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Google Hangout: Make Phone Calls with Your iPad

I love Google Hangout. It is a great tool to communicate with others whether 1-on-1 or whole class/group. It is Apple's Facetime with more options. Now, with the latest iPad app update there is a new option that is, well, fun and convenient! If you open the Hangout app on your iPad you are now able to make phone calls though your iPad! If you are a current Google Voice subscriber, Hangout uses your Voice number as the caller ID. No fear for those not subscribed to Google Voice. Your caller ID will come up on the receivers phone as "unknown". This is just another great Google tool. Head to the iTunes Store and download the Google Hangout app and give it a shot! 

Below is the Google write up from the Google Voice Blog for more information:

Call a phone from Hangouts

You can place calls to landline and mobile phones from Hangouts in Gmail, Google+, and the Chrome extension. Calls made to the US and Canada are free and other calls can be made at our low rates.
Here’s how to place a call:
  1. If you’re using the Hangouts Chrome extension or Hangouts in Google+, click menu  at the top of your Hangouts list and select Call a phone. In Gmail simply click the phone button  at the top right of the search box.
  2. To find a contact’s phone number, simply type the person’s name or phone number into the search box or scroll through your Hangouts list. If you’re placing an international call, you can select the applicable country code by clicking the flag drop down or by typing it directly into the search box (i.e. +55 for Brazil).
  3. When you’ve found the person you wish to call, simply click on their phone number.
  4. An audio-only Hangout window will open and Hangouts will dial the phone number you selected.
  5. Dial an extension: If you are calling a phone number that has an extension, click the dial pad button, and use the dial pad that appears to enter the extension.
When you’ve finished the call, simply click Hang up or close the Hangout window.

Caller ID for calls placed with Call Phones

The Caller ID display for calls placed through Call Phones will show as "unknown" and cannot be used to receive phone calls. Of course, if you are using Call Phones with a full Google Voice account (US only), your Google Voice number will display when you place calls.

Your Hangouts list

If you’re in someone’s Google+ circles and the person has chosen to make his or her phone number visible, it will appear in your Hangouts list. The person will also appear if you’ve saved his or her contact information in Google Contacts.

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