Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tech Tips: 25 Ways Google Can Help You Become a Better Teacher

Tech Tips
Issue 18

This Tech Tip will look into the many uses of Google in the classroom.  I am sharing the list below (25 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher) to remind teachers of all Google can do.  I did not create the following list, but wanted to share it with others.  It came from the blog

25 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher:

  1. Identify YouTube channels to provide daily writing prompts, activity modeling, and out-of-the-box content area expertise that students find interesting.
  2. Use Google Drive for cloud-based storage.
  3. Aggregate videos for learning via a YouTube channel.
  4. Use Google Search to identify exemplars of project-based learning, blended learning, or mobile learning.
  5. Source curricula, apps, and other pedagogical tools.
  6. Find curated collections of resources currently tucked away in the dark recesses of some obscure web page using expert keyword search tactics—gold mine!
  7. Use Google Search to find new professional opportunities as your education interests and expertise in education evolve.
  8. Have students analyze emerging cultural trends using Google Trends.
  9. Use Google Search to see how what other schools are doing in regards to BYOD policies, technology in the classroom, or unpacked and prioritized Common Core academic standards.
  10. Have students use a combination of YouTube and Google Drive to save digital portfolios.
  11. Communicate with learners and families via Google+.
  12. Use Google Reader to create a feed of your ten favorite blogs as a persistent source of learning resources.
  13. Have students trace a fictional character’s journey through Google Earth.
  14. Have students manage and communicate project-based learning work on Google Calendar.
  15. Sync your browser tabs, search history, and extensions between devices with Google Chrome sync. 
  16. Use Google Search to locate PD conferences.
  17. Hangout with author experts via Google+ Hangouts—and have students do the same.
  18. Have students collaborate and published work to closed circles of peers on Google+.
  19. Download learning Android apps from Google Play.
  20. Use Google Drive to respond to student writing via comments, or collaborate real-time with distance learners.
  21. Join Google+ communities and participate in a persistent professional learning community.
  22. Find webinars, eLearning courses, and other professional development resources to self-direct your own educator training.
  23. Source MOOCs to extend the learning of students.
  24. Use Google Scholar to review research on learning trends and strategies.
  25. Use Google Search to find a blog–like–to do all of the above for you.
Source:  "25 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher". TeachThought. 3/9/13.