Monday, April 8, 2013

Tech Tips: SchoolWires Update

Tech Tips
Issue 17

Schoolwires Update

During our Tech PD in April, we will review changes to Schoolwires Site Manager.  In the meantime, here are some things you should know:
·        Any changes made within the last two weeks are NOT SAVED to your teacher website. 
·        Use the “old” URL (emailed to you from the tech department) to view your “old” teacher site.  NOTE: this URL may only be available until the end of March.
·        If links and files are missing, you will need to re-attach those to your teacher website.
·        You may also copy and paste the HTML code to update an entire flex page (see tech coach if you need help).
·        NOTE: the URL of your teacher site has changed, so if you created links to your site you might need to re-do those links. For example, if you created “shortcuts” using those URLS no longer work.  You will need to make new ones.

Schoolwires Site Manager: A New Look
·        Section Workspace – click here to see a list of all pages on your teacher website.
·        New Page – click green button to create a new page (flex page or link library, for example).
·        If adding/embedding a Google or Planbook calendar, create a new flex page and copy and paste HTML code.
We are sorry if you have lost any work over the past few weeks.  As the email from the tech department stated, you can access your old site for 2 weeks but then the old site will no longer be available.  If you have not made any changes recently, you will not need to do anything.  If you use a URL shortener you will need to make a new one as the old one will no longer work.