Thursday, November 4, 2021

iTools Math Manipulatives

Looking for some awesome interactive digital math manipulatives to use in your classroom? Check out Think Central’s iTools. They are easy and fun to use for both teachers, students, and whole class on your interactive whiteboards.


  1. Head to iTools.

  2. Choose the tool you want to explore.

  1. Here are the basic tools on most screens:

  • Line Up: Lines up all manipulatives on your screen

  • Clear Workmat: Clears all your work and resets to blank

  • Eraser: Deletes one manipulative at a time (like undo)

  • More Tools: More tools for that concept


There are many tools to help make learning math concepts easier. The best tip I can give is to just click and explore them all. Below are some screenshots of all the activities your and your students can use to practice and reinforce math concepts.

  1. Algebra

  1. Base-Ten Blocks

  1. Counters

  1. Fractions

  1. Geometry

  1. Graphs

  1. Measurement

  1. Number Charts

  1. Number Lines

  1. Probability

There is a lot to do with this site. Dive in and start exploring!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE.