Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Mote: Advanced Features

We all know that Mote is an awesome tool. If you are new to Mote, check out the “Mote Basics” document to get started. Below are some of the awesome additional features that Mote offers (some may require a subscription). 

Mote QR Codes

Create audio QR codes to Mote audio.

  1. Click on the Mote extension and click the Mote icon to record your audio.

  1. Click on “My Recent Motes”.

  1. Click the “Share” icon.

  1. Click “QR code”.

  1. Click “Save image”.

Check out this video to see this in action.

Mote in Gmail

Want to send a quick Mote audio clip through Gmail? Here you go! 

  1. Open your Gmail and click Compose.

  2. Click the Mote icon at the bottom. It will start recording your audio.

  1. Click the center icon to stop.

  1. Your Mote will be embedded in your email for the recipient to hear.

Check out this video to see this in action.

Mote in Forms

Want to add your voice to your Google Forms? Check this out!

  1. Create a form. When you are in the question field click the Mote icon at the bottom of the editing box.

  1. Record your audio. Click the check icon to stop recording.

  1. The Mote audio is placed in the text box. (It will be viewable as an audio player if the recipient has the Mote extension installed, but only as a link if the reader does not have the extension installed.)

If you want to add audio to the choices (multiple choice type questions) you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the choices into the form.

  2. Click the Mote extension icon in the top right of Chrome. Record a Mote. 

  1. Stop the recording by clicking the check and the link is auto-copied to your clipboard.

  1. Paste this next to the choice you want it added. 

This is what the recipient sees (if they have the Mote extension installed):

Check out this video to see this in action (Mote Playlist).

Check out this video to see this in action (My Video).

Motes Saved in Motebook

If you plan to use the same audio clip multiple times it is helpful to set up a Motebook to have access to your often-used clips. You will need to create a new recording using the Mote extension.

  1. Click on the Mote extension and record an audio clip.

  1. After recording open the clip back up by clicking on it in “My recent motes”.

  1. Click “Save as…”.

  1. Create a Motebook title (this is the tile for this audio clip). Hit “Enter” on your keyboard to save.

  1. When you go back to the Mote extension or icon in a comment long-press the record button and you will see a list of all your Motebooks. Click the one you want to use. 

Check out this video to see this in action.

Access All Your Recordings

Want to see (or hear) all your past recordings?  

  1. Go to mote.com and click Account>My Activity

  1. Click the Mote extension, then “My activity & engagement”.

  1. From here you will see all your recordings. You can share them, mark them unlisted/hidden/or delete them, view them on a landing page, and listen to them on this screen.

For more “how-Tos” and advanced features check out Mote’s YouTube Playlist Here!

*REMINDER: for the best experience, make sure students also have the Mote extension; otherwise, they will need to click a link and listen to the comment audio (in comments only) in a new tab. Google Slide’s audio will still play normally (no extension needed to hear it). 

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!