Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Insert Image from Search

We all insert images from Google Searches into our emails and files (Docs, Slides, Drawings, etc). Most of us do this by downloading the image and then inserting it into the desired place. There is an easier way that does not involve downloading the image. Check out these steps to see how! 

  • Important: Make sure to only use copyright-free images and not just a basic Google search for images that you put in Docs, Slides, and Drawings. Remember, if you are in one of those tools and use the “Insert” option at the top they are already copyright-free. That is the best method.

Insert an Image:

  1. Have your email or Document open on one tab.

  2. Open another tab to do your Google image search.

    • Always look for copyright-free images using “Tools”, “Usage Rights”, and choose “Creative Commons”.

  1. Click on the image you want to use. It will then appear in the top right.

  1. Drag that image to the tab that you want to attach it. Drop it in your email or Doc.

Below are examples of how to do it in Email and Docs.



If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!