Monday, November 9, 2020

Create a Video or GIF from Google Slides

Google Slides is my “go-to” tool. I use it for presentations, newsletters, creating images, hyper-docs, and many more uses. (You can find some of my other uses
here.) You can also use it to create videos and GIFs! With the Slide’s Add-On called Creator Studio, you can make your Slides come to life! Follow the steps below to give it a try!

Create a Video or GIF:

  1. Create a Slide deck that you want to turn into a video (mp4 of the slides advancing) or a GIF (image of all the slides progressing). 

  2. Make sure to add the Creator Studio Slide’s Add-On.

  3. Click on “Add-Ons and choose Creator Studio. You can just click “Open” or choose “Create GIF” or “Create Video”.

  1. Let it run (this can take a minute depending on how many slides you have).

  2. Set the output size (in pixels).

  1. Set the Interval (in seconds). The lower the number, the faster the slides advance. When I make a GIF or Video with a lot of slides I make this less than 1 (ex: .2 is about ¼ or a second). 

  1. Choose your Choose Export Format (GIF or Video) and click “Go”.

  1. It will create this for you (might take a minute).

  2. Then click the Download icon or the Preview icon. 

  3. Once downloaded, add or share this as you need!

Here is an example of 86 Slides created as a GIF:

This brings your Slide decks to life as a playable Video or GIF!

If you want these steps as a Document click HERE!