Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Updates to Google Meet

Google Meet is receiving some updates over the next few weeks. Some of these updates are upgrades to Meet functionality while others are features the free version is losing (reverting back to the original features after the COVID-19 free upgrades expire). There will be some added features and teacher controls to make it better for the classroom. Unfortunately, some of the updates will not be included in the G Suite for Education Free version (what we and most schools have) of Google Meet. Below are what we can expect to see in our G Suite Meet updates in the near future. I have only shared what is coming (and what is going away) to the Free version of G Suite for Education (not the features coming to the Enterprise version).

Google Meet Features that are Reverting (post COVID-19 upgrades):

Let’s start with the features we will be losing. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in the spring Google granted the free G Suite for Education accounts some upgraded features that were only available to the Enterprise Edition (paid edition). Beginning October 1, 2020, domains like ours that do not have G Suite for Education Enterprise will revert back to the standard G Suite for Education Meet capabilities. This means that Google Meet will now have these features:

  • Meetings up to 100 participants (was temporarily increased to 250)

  • No live streaming

  • Dial-in access to meetings 

  • Closed Captioning, viewer initiated

We will also lose the full Record Session Feature. We will revert to Temporary Recordings. What are temporary recordings?

  • With temporary recordings, a new free feature coming to G Suite for Education, any meeting host will be able to record a meeting and share the recording within their domain for up to 30 days before the video expires. Given disparities in internet access, temporary recordings are intended to help meeting participants replay a class or meeting they couldn't attend live. Temporary recordings can't be shared outside the host’s domain or downloaded. 

Google Meet Features that Upcoming (added upgrades):

Launching in September

  • Larger tiled views with a 7x7 grid so you can see up to 49 students at once 

  • A collaborative whiteboard with Jamboard in Meet so you can encourage students to share ideas and try creative approaches to lessons 

  • Moderators will be able to prohibit participants from joining meetings after they’ve been ejected or denied entry twice 

  • End meetings for all participants when class is finished

  • Manage join requests with ease by accepting or rejecting them in bulk

  • Disable in-meeting chat and set restrictions on who can present during a meeting 

  • A setting that requires the teacher to join a Meet first

Launching in October

  • Blur or replace backgrounds so everyone feels more comfortable during distance-learning classes. Note: Admins can disable custom backgrounds as needed.

Launching later this year

  • Hand-raising to help you identify students who may need help or have a question 

Keep an eye out when opening a Google Meet for these features to appear as they roll out!

you want these directions in a Document click HERE!