Friday, December 21, 2018

Remove Image Background

So, you have that perfect picture but you really want to have a different background. For example, your students are studying landforms and you want to put a picture of them on the top of a mountain. If only you could take the object of the picture (your students) and put it on a different background. The good news, you CAN! There is an awesome (and free) website that can strip the background of any image away and make it transparent so you can overlay it on a new background. The curricular possibilities are endless! Give a try!

Remove the Background of an Image:
  1. Head over to
  2. Upload your image of the object you want the background removed.
  3. Make sure the object looks like you want and download the new image. Unfortunately, there are no editing tools to remove more/less. Hopefully, your image works well.

  4. Download the image and save it in a place you can easily find.

Add a New Background to the Image:
  1. Open up an image editing tool. If you are a G Suite user, use Google Drawing.
  2. Upload the background image you want into Drawing. You can search for backgrounds by clicking “Insert”, then “Image”, and choose “Search the Web”.

  3. Choose an image for the background and resize your canvas to fit.

  4. Upload your image you downloaded from on top of your new Drawing. Move it to the location you want and resize if needed.

  5. Click on File, Download As, and choose the format you want (I prefer PNG).

You have just transported the object of your image to a new location! Just think of all the curricular opportunities this offers!

If you want these steps in a document, click HERE!