Monday, December 17, 2018

Holiday Google Assistant Fun

‘Tis the season…(I will save your ears and not sign to you). It is that time of year again. Time to spend days with families, battle holiday crowds, and enjoy some awesome Google Assistant fun! As always, the Google Assistant can make any time of year fun. All you need is the Google assistant app if it is not already on your phone (Android, iOS) and some time to sit back and enjoy! Enjoy some of these fun activities below. Just say "Ok Google" and then the phrase below each listing.

Holiday Google Assistant Fun:

  • Give Santa a Call
    • This is one of my favorites! You will be asked some questions to help Santa create a song to suit your mood. Say: “Call Santa”Find Out What Santa is Up ToSay the phrase below to get updates on Santa’s activities.
      • “Where is Santa”

  • Joke Time!
    • Want to hear some seasonal humor? Give this a try!
      • “Tell Me a Christmas Joke”
      • “Tell Me a Santa Joke”

  • Dreidel Time!
    • Give this a try and make the Dreidel DIGITAL!
      • “Spin a Dreidel”

  • Tell Me a Holiday Story
    • Enjoy classic holiday short stories like The Snowy Day, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and Swan Lake. Get started with "Hey Google, tell me a Christmas story".
      • “Tell me Twas the Night Before Christmas”
      • “Tell me a story about Christmas”
      • “Tell me a winter story”
      • “Tell me a story about Hanukkah”
      • “Tell Me a Hanukkah Story”

  • Holiday Chill
    • The holidays are stressful. With this Google Assistant app, Jack Frost is here to spread some holiday chill. Zen-out with a Jack Frost guided meditation session or relax with the sounds of winter and have a happy, healthy holiday.
      • “Talk to Holiday Chill”

For other fun and useful activities that Google Assistant can do, check out this site! More Google Assistant Phrases

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