Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hour of Code

It is that time of year again...time for HOUR OF CODE!! This year’s week of Hour of Code is December 3-9. As always, Code.org makes it VERY easy for students of all ages to explore and learn about coding. They have collected many easy to do, no/low prep activities for your kids (and you) to explore coding. All you need to do is set aside a 60-minute block during that week to have your class explore. Explore with them and see what coding is all about.

Get Started:
  1. Explore this site to get more information on how to utilize Hour of Code to its full potential: hourofcode.com/us/how-to
  2. Tell your class that they are going to learn to code with some easy step-by-step game style levels. I recommend playing a game on the screen with the class first to show them how to click, drag, and explore the site and tools.

  3. Have them go to code.org/learn (or use the awesome "Share to Classroom" Chrome extension and push the site to them).
  4. There are many activities to choose from. To help students narrow this down, have them choose an activity in their ability level using the devices they have available.

    Filter at the top for age and ability level.

    Filter on the left side for devices, topics, activity type, length, and language.

  5. Most importantly...Have FUN!

After your class participates you can even print certificates for them here: code.org/certificates. Students will also see a certificate when they complete an Hour of Code tutorial, but some students won’t make it to the very end in an hour — and that’s okay...you can still print them a certificate that they did it!

If you are looking for more activities beyond Hour of Code, check out these awesome student friendly coding sites:

Most importantly, just have fun!
Explore, experiment, and learn!

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!