Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Printing Multiple Google Documents at Once

Let’s face it, Google Documents rule! They are so easy to access anywhere. They allow collaboration and they are FREE! All this is great, but there was one thing that was always difficult for teachers to deal with...printing. I know (and I would agree) that we really don’t need to print a Google Document. That is the point of this type of file; remaining paperless. There are those instances that we need to print all of our students’ files. In the past that involved opening one document, waiting for it to load, selecting print and going through the printing process, then repeating until all 27+ files were printed. This was very time-consuming. The good news is this process is a thing of the past. Adding a Drive Add-On eliminates all these steps. Follow the steps below to install the PDF Mergy Chromebook App (or visit this site: to make printing multiple documents easy!

Use Chrome App with PDF Mergy App:

  1. Click on the multi-colored waffle for “Show Apps” in of Chrome and go “Web Store”.

  1. Search for “PDF Mergy” and install the App.

  1. Locate the folder containing the documents you want to print and select all the files you want and right click.
  2. Click on “Open With” and select “PDF Mergy”.

  1. If asked, allow access to Drive.
  2. A new tab will open and give the option to “Merge”. Click “Merge”. You also have the option to add additional files to the list.

  1. When the files are merged you will have a choice where to save the new PDF. Make that selection and then open this new file and send this to the printer.

Use  PDF Mergy Website:
  1. Go to Choose “Select Files from Google Drive”.

  1. Choose where PDFs are located (Google Drive). Click “Select”.

  1. You can now re-order the PDFs if needed. Click “Merge” when you are ready.

  1. Choose where you want the new PDF saved. Then print this document!

You have now printed multiple files in one print job!

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!