Monday, October 2, 2017

Mystery Doug

Transitions and breaks can "make or break" any classroom, especially an elementary classroom. They can set the stage for your whole day. These moments of movement and change can be smooth purposeful, or chaotic and crazy. Sometimes, you just need a break. There are all kinds of great tools out there to allow teachers a moment of sanity. One that I just ran across is Mystery Doug. This is a great thinker break that will allow students to discuss, think, and question an idea in a fun way!

Need a quick 5-minute filler activity? Here is a great way to get kiddos thinking, questioning, and discussing.

Sign up for "Mystery Doug". He posts weekly 5-minute video question with prompts to spark classroom discussion. All for FREE!

You can even submit questions he will answer on the next video.

...or have your class vote for what the next week's video will be about!

Sign up and give it a try. What do you have to lose? Your kiddos will love it!

Leave feedback in the comments on how your students feel about the Mystery Doug videos.