Thursday, October 12, 2017

Catch the Flipgrid Fever

It is everywhere. You can’t escape it. The “Apocalypse of Student Voice” has taken over the world. Do you have it? Have YOU caught #FlipgridFever? Don’t worry, there is a cure. You must SPREAD THE FEVER! Use the powerful (and FREE) student voice tool Flipgrid in a number of fun and easy ways in your classroom to share your students’ voices with the world.  It is EASY! It is Free! It is FUN! Sign up today and catch the #FlipgridFever!

Get Started!
  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. Create a “Grid”. Free accounts get 1 Grid while Classroom “pro” accounts get unlimited Grids. Think of a grid as a bundle of Topics or questions. I am on the free account and it is manageable for me so it is a great place to start without any investment. Choose a name that is easy to share. I named mine “Badiner”.
  3. Your Grids will look like the image below:

Start Sharing!
  1. Create a Topic. Think of this as a question or concept students will record about.
  2. Make sure to adjust settings as you want. Consider privacy, moderation, and student ability to reply to posts from other students (Classroom Accounts Only).
  3. Post a topic to your class.
  4. Share the Topic Code with your students and watch the magic happen!
  5. Once students are done you can “Freeze” the Topic so others will not add to it.
  6. These will be listed in your Grid like below:

Need Help? Check out these resources:

Classroom Uses for Flipgrid!
  • Genius Hour Presentations: Students share their projects with others on a shared Topic or have individual topics to show progress
  • Verbal steps on solving Math problems: Students can dictate (and show with video) step by step procedures on how to solve math problems
  • Goal Setting Progress Diary: Students can have their own Topic to share progress toward a goal
  • Daily Classroom “What we did today”: Classrooms can keep parents up to date with a daily log of what was done in class
  • Introduce next year’s class: Have your current class introduce the incoming students to procedures, projects, and how COOL your classroom is going to be for them!
  • Staff Grid: Introduce parents (and the world community) to the staff in your building through short clips
  • Discussion Board: Post a question and let students debate/discuss the topic in their own way
  • Project/Unit reflection: Students can post and reflect on a long-term project to deepen their understanding
  • Book Talk: Students can post chapter reviews or understanding during a novel study to discuss the text
  • Exit Tickets: Get some fun and quick feedback on a covered topic when students are leaving
  • Daily News Report: Post the morning or daily announcements or news in a way that is archived for others to come back to easily
  • Biography Reports: Create a Topic that allows students to post a video of their impersonating a famous person
  • Book Reviews: Have a Topic full of AWESOME book reviews for students to watch to help them choose a new book to read
  • Field Trip Comments: Did you go on a fun field trip? Have students give feedback
  • Classroom Announcements: Post classroom announcements in ways that both parents and students will enjoy hearing
  • New Class Introductions (Get to Know): Have your new students introduce themselves to each other in a Topic
  • PE Skills: Students can show the correct way to do physical activities such as warm-ups, sports moves, or others
  • Music samples (student playing): Your Music class students can demo their awesome Recorder skills (save all those squeals for Flipgrid)
  • Art critiques (student grid or all students on 1): Students can explain their artwork (saved as response image) or help provide feedback to other’s creations

Need More Ideas? Check Out More Here:

Catch the #FlipgridFever, start creating, and have FUN!

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