Monday, February 13, 2017

Google Forms Animated Header

We all love Google Forms. It is such a great tool to collect data, give quizzes, and many other uses. As with any tool, we want to make the most of its features. Here is a way to add a little pizazz to your Google Forms and make them a little more “animated”! Follow the steps below to make your landing spot a little more interesting.

Google Forms Animated Header

  1. Decide what GIF you want to represent your Form. Here is a great way to find a premade GIF. If you have an editing program (I use Snagit or Camtasia) you can make your own. Also keep in mind that you can use Google Photos to create animated GIFS from any of your photos!
    1. Google search for the topic of your GIF.
    2. Go to “Images”.
    3. Go to “Tools”.

  1. Go to “Size”.
    1. The size that you are looking for is 800x200 as a minimum (2000x400 works as well).

  1. Then select “Type” and choose “Animated”.

  1. For Copyright guidelines, remember to choose the correct “Usage Rights”.

  1. Download the GIF you want to use to your computer.
  2. Click the “Palette” icon, then the “Upload” icon. Upload the GIF you downloaded.

  1. Crop to best fit then click “Select” to apply.

  1. Enjoy your new header!

Try to find a GIF that reflects your Form. Colors of the image/GIF change the theme of your Form. Play around to find one that creates the theme you want.

If you want these steps in a document, click Here!