Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Set Chrome to Continue Where You Left Off

Have you ever had many tabs open in Chrome and accidentally closed Chrome or shut down your device to discover you lost all those tabs you worked so hard to open? There is an easy setting that will make Chrome open all the tabs you had the next time it starts up. Follow these steps to never lose those tabs again!

*Note: This is not the same case with Chromebooks. If you close the Chrome browser on a Chromebook, you will lose all your tabs.

Set Chrome to Bring Back Tabs:

  1. Head over to your Chrome settings. On a PC or Mac (this setting is not available to adjust on a Chromebook) click the 3 vertical dots in the top right and click “Settings”.

  1. On the left side click on “On Startup”.

  1. Select “Continue where you left off”.

When you close Chrome or shut down your device and restart Chrome, all the tabs you were working on will reopen!