Monday, April 1, 2024

Creating Resources with Diffit

Although we all have resources from our textbooks, most of the time we need to create our own. New resources may need to be more specific, cover material better, or need to be adjusted for the number of questions or amount of content. Doing this from scratch is a lot of work. This is where sites like Diffit come in handy. This site will create all the resources you would ever need with just a simple web search. You need to give Diffit a try!

Create Resources:

  1. Head to

  2. Sign in with Google.

  3. Using the “Literally Anything” tab, choose a Topic and Grade Level for the material then click on “Generate Resources”.

  1. You will have a resource created with a reading selection, vocabulary, multiple styles of quiz questions, and more. Click on the green “Get Student Activities” button.

  1. Scroll through and choose the type of resource you want to create to share with your students. Some of these activities will be “Subscription Only” like creating Google Forms, but many will be free.

  1. You will have the option of how to share this resource. The Free version will allow you to save this as a PDF. 

  1. Even with this limitation, all you have to do is edit the original in any of the text/editing areas.

  1. Share and enjoy your customized resources! To see all your created resources, head to the My Resources” tab at the top.

Here are some Diffit training links to learn more! Learn More About Diffit 

If you want these directions in a document click HERE!